Glue helps companies turn ambiguity into confident decisions.

We’re a Human Experience Consultancy. Our insights break through complexity to transform assumptions into actionable strategies, empowering leaders to forge meaningful and impactful connections with the people they serve.

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Hello, we're Glue. Our twenty years in the field have sharpened our skills in unifying diverse stakeholders AROUND actionable insights to propel initiatives from start to finish. We partner with dynamic startups, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies, delivering Experiences that boost engagement, ensure equitable value, and catalyze growth.

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We understand the pressures of running an efficient business and thrive on discovering solutions that meet your needs and ensure the shortest distance to value.

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Research & Planning

Companies must be adaptive and customer-centered to succeed. Our evidence-based, behavior-informed approach aligns stakeholder goals with your business by evaluating your ecosystem. It gives you concrete insights into consumer behavior for informed decisions and reduced risk.


Behavior-informed Insights & Strategy

Sometimes, a little clarity and focus realignment can bridge business goals with human needs and behaviors, boosting performance in an ever-changing business climate. We guide you in setting goals, defining priorities, and linking objectives with the human elements that fuel engagement, performance, and impact.


Testing & Measurement

Even the most carefully crafted plans need validation. We ensure the dots you've connected in your strategy are effective, testing and measuring the right things to guarantee you're getting the right results.

Glue's Experience

GLUE’S founder, Gina Soloperto is a multidisciplinary researcher, strategist, and program leader dedicated to empowering people to move through the world with more confidence and ease.

Most challenges lie in human behaviors, decisions, and interactions; when something isn't working, it's the first indicator. This requires deep empathy. Gina’s core strength comes from her innate understanding of people at a human level and her ability to connect experiences across individuals, communities, and businesses, underscoring the interconnectedness of our shared challenges, making us all part of the solution.

With a background spanning design, product, marketing, and program delivery, Gina uniquely assesses solutions from multiple perspectives, turning complex challenges into actionable, human-centered strategies. She doesn’t just look at the what and how; she explicitly explains the why, unifying diverse stakeholder interests with business objectives to reach inclusive and impactful outcomes.

Gina's competitive spirit and relentless work ethic, shaped by her experiences as a 3-time Ironman finisher and traumatic brain injury survivor, have sharpened her resilience and deepened her grasp of human needs and sustainable behavior change, further cultivating her professional insights and approach to addressing complex problems.

Humility, daily gratitude, and a deep appreciation for every experience are common threads in Gina’s life. With a healthy respect for time and a desire to use every second of it wisely and effectively, she builds lasting relationships for herself and her clients. It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon during which we pace ourselves, grow, and learn. The long-term payoffs are personal bests, happy teams, and beyond-satisfied business partners.

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